Monday, December 31, 2012

Since 2012

Hey Guys!
So here we are on the last day of 2012. I hardly believe that now I would need to change the number 2 into 3 whenever I need to write a date. Good things, bad things, they are all experiences for me to learn. Many things have happened in 2012, mostly my first ones. Here is the list:
2012's 'First':
- Telephoto lens
- Piano concert overseas (Singapore)
- Time participating a Chemistry Olympic
- Prom party
- Beer
- Wedges
- Date
- Time watching with a guy
- BreakUp
- Year of Senior High
- Time to have a graduation party
- Time participating a Scholarship test
- Time to fail on Biology quiz
- Time to travel overseas without family
- Photoshoot
- Time to disappoint my teacher
- Time to meet my Guru Ganteng aside from school
- ...

2012 has been a 'good' year, I learned lots of new lessons, I've got stronger than I was, living a life that I could never leave behind.
2013 wish:
- Happier than I was
- Have a more tranquil life
- No more worries

Hope for the best,
Seeya Soon Guys!
Happy New Year!~

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