Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pernicious Defiance

Hey Guys!
So I had some free time during the day, and I decided to take some photographs and edit them with my new trick of editing, and below are the results. I took them from the highest part of my house, the roof exactly. It's around 50ft from the ground. To tell you the truth, I almost fell, but I was lucky that I only tripped on some pipes, which still allowed me to keep my balance steady.

I might not have beautiful house, nor beautiful view around it, but hey, I've lived here for 15 years, this house has really become a part of me. Talking about 15 years living in this house, this is the first time I reached the roof. Well, it was kinda scary for the first time, but I managed to continue.

When I showed my parents the photos I took, they were like, "What? You got up there? How? Lu cekai cabo kui! (English: You son daughter of the devil!)" and I was like, "What? Wasn't I awesome?" No one has ever reached the roof except my father and men workers, wasn't it a glory?

Kay, I talked too much, here are the results, they are called Panorama:
These are random shots:
Watched Johnny English Reborn a few days ago.
I know the panoramic pictures are too small, I'm planning to make the vertical ones, so you wouldn't have to squint your eyes to look at the details. But maybe after CA2 is done okay?

"Do it because you want to, 
not because other people told you to."
- Steffie

Seeya Soon Guys!
Buenas Noches ♡

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