Friday, May 17, 2013

Learn To Love Again

Hey Guys!
My hair is way so long already! Well, I'll still wait for another month to decide whether I will have a haircut or not.

Semesteral Asssesment 2 is right under my nose. I realize that I'm getting lazier day by day, starting from skipping the whole week's lessons, well, besides these two subjects - Physics and Chemistry. If you would miss any either Physics or Chemistry lesson, you would feel like an idiot when you enter the next lesson. I'm glad I'm catching up quite well on Sciences.

Streams are already set. I hate the fact that there will be so freaking many students in my future class, I will have to squeeze up with other 30+ students in one class. I was going ape when the principal read out the names of all students that have chosen the same stream as mine, they are way too many!
"Learn, it's not a bad thing to try."
"I tried not to fall, but the gravity pulled me over." 

"He's the apple of my eye."
Wish me luck, will probably not post until the early June.
Seeya Soon Guys!

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