Sunday, March 31, 2013

Got My Nails Bitten

Hey Guys!
So, competition is two days away, and now I feel like a total crap who doesn't understand a thing. My performances have degraded badly since the past week. I'm in a mess, how could a participant not having a proper preparation for the competition (which is worse, two days away)? Blaaah.
Anyway, I had my fringe cut yesterday, it's ridiculous. Thinking of growing my hair long again like I used to. Well, still in my consideration list though.
Asian Chipmunk

Had a day off on Friday, yes, another long weekend. Have I told you how much I don't like long weekends? Especially on Thursday and Friday. Like, those are the best day of the week, my favourite ones. Good lucks were not with me this weekend. I purposely went out, chilling and finishing my Asian Dolce Latte in Starbucks for hours while doing my computer video project. I love creating videos, like as soon as the teacher assigned us the project, my classmates yelled my name, denoting they are my members. lol that moment...
Actually, there is another reason why I went to Starbucks, especially at Hermes'. :P
I've just noticed that today is March 31st. March's ending! And tomorrow will be April Fool! Well, I'm not excited. But still, I hope April will be a good month. Hi-ya!

I think I'm not going to post this early April due to endless examinations. *apologises* 
Seeya Soon Guys!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

La Da Da

Hey Guys!
La da da da da da da. My mind's fucked up. Hell with this life.
Anyway, CA4 is coming soon, so do competitions. I've been skipping lessons since last few weeks. CA4 scores will not be good. Nah, I'm done talking.
Seeya Soon Guys!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Boom Your Head

Hey Guys!
Situations get worse. I don't know what to decide. I'm pathetic.
Shoots from a couple weeks ago. Personally, I like the last one, it really shows the low aperture effect, I think it's either f/2.8 or f/3.5.
Go check Melda's blog!

Feel like banging my head to the wall, you know? Like, for what has happened this week is kinda absurd. Haha! Happy yet sad yet bashful. I've gone crazy! :]xx

Seeya Soon Guys!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Stuck in Dilemmas

Hey Guys!
It's been an eternity!
Well, life is so much worse now, the more I think of it, the more I get sick of it. I'm currently stuck with  a zillion of dilemmas. Yes, they're much like a 'Yes or No' question, but it is not as easy as answering a test. So, these dilemmas basically seem to affect my future life. I really have no idea how to make a decision, because I am somewhat a wishy washy kind of person. I'd never felt something like this earlier. Realising that I get older day by day might be the major reason.

I've been thinking about my college recently, well, I know it's still a bit too early to think of it. I decided what I wanted to be just sometime not-so-long-ago. But now my mind's messed up. I'm doubting my own abilities. Everything just doesn't seem right.

I'm currently thinking of quitting everything, but that's rather impossible, because I am sure that I will regret it later. Well, how I wish to break free, getting out from realities. Life would be much better if you can switch from being 'visible' to 'invisible'.
They're from last two weeks' Open House. The performances were good, I did well!
Life was so much better.
Seeya Soon Guys!

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Feels Disparate

Hey Guys!
It's March!
February ended wonderfully and so does March's start. I've been feeling great these days, since the last week, I suppose. Probably because I've been dealing with different group of people, they're different from what I assumed. These people are just amazing! And this kind of thing only happens around this time of year, good thing I'm not missing it!
Am having a show tomorrow. Excited.
Seeya Soon Guys!