Saturday, August 31, 2013

Smash Potatoes

Hey Guys!
Have been staying in the kitchen a lot recently. I don't know why, but I started to cook my own meal, like mashed potatoes, pouch eggs, fried rice, and stuffs. I've never been so into cooking like this, lalala. Whenever I cook, I tend to either put too much seasoning (especially salt) or too little seasoning, like the mashed potatoes above. 

A couple days ago, I had an English test requiring me to write an essay about myself. I've always loved writing, but apparently you can see I had been taking some break till then. After I had submitted my paper, I felt the time wasn't enough, I could have written more on it, I knew it wasn't me, or maybe it partly was. If it could have been me, the essay would be much longer. Suddenly I felt so much better, having my feelings written down. I wrote some pieces of trash on my mind and I felt so good right after it. However, it's still kinda confidential.

September is hell close, competition is coming. Time has gone so fast.
No offense, Smilers
Seeya Soon Guys!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pretty Brown Eyes

Hey Guys!
This shoes allegedly has a story. A so-called deep sad story.
Holiday's ending, and as usual, I'm very excited about it. Despite accepting the fact that exams are stepping in really soon, I'm still happy about it. I mean like, yeah, the faster it seems to end the year. I'm so sick of people around.
Rewarding myself for living another day.
Watched The Raven alone a couple nights ago. It was kinda creepy seeing how people were murdered, one had his body sawn in half (that's the most abject and horrendous, the person shouted in fortitude as his blood from his stomach spread all over the table until he died), one had his neck slit, you couldn't imagine how the blood was, it's like a water fountain. I was kinda disappointed that the movie didn't end like I wanted it to be, the man finally died, that's so sad knowing the person who would sacrifice the most (including his life) for the woman HAD to die. I mean like, if I were him, I wouldn't take that huge risk, but well, maybe that's the power of what-they-called 'love'.
Ready for school and shits.
Seeya Soon Guys!

Sunday, August 04, 2013

On My Mind

Hey Guys!
Yoooooo! You might think I've been eaten by lion or something, and yes I was! You know, shit happens, very often. My July was full of crap. I didn't get any time to write something on this blog, holiday was boring as shit, the number of swears I use escalated very quickly.
My August schedule is already set, there's no week without a note, sigh, it's going to be a long month. Albeit being busy, I spent some time baking cookies, the results were crap. 2 fails out of 2. It's kinda funny that my parents actually allow me to be in kitchen instead of on the road. I mean, I know that I am able to do much better on the road than in the kitchen. Things suck, you got it?

Currently rushing for projects due by the end of this month, blame the holiday, my friends are leaving for vacations, delaying all the ideas in my mind. Things once again, suck.
I hope I'll see you guys soon!
Seeya Soon Guys!