Saturday, November 10, 2012


Hey Guys!
It's been a week! I've been very busy, extra busy indeed. I was preparing myself for a Chemistry competition today. And the result was, not bad for a newcomer - 75 out of 288 participants. For me, I've won, since it's my very first time to join this kind of competition. My teacher told me that I was already good enough to correctly answered 12 questions. I made 17 mistakes, and I left 31 questions unanswered. Idk, is it good or bad?
Nah, now I feel a little bit 'free'. It's like a part of my worries is now gone. But still, I have a lot of things to worry about...

Check out Melda's blog! Photos were taken by me ;)
Watched 'Taken' last week
Still feeling satisfied,
Seeya Soon Guys!

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