Saturday, November 03, 2012

Chew The Rag

Hey Guys!
It's already November!
Seeing Evelyn's blog gives me the feeling of 'something'. Well, I don't know how to explain that 'something' to you. She has moved to Singapore, I remember that time when we took scholarship tests together, how we struggled, how we apprehensively waited for the results, and yeah, she made it. I somehow envy her for living and studying overseas, she obviously has better environment, not to harass my own country, but I've visited Singapore for some times and I feel Singapore is better - my opinion. We actually have the same dream, and now she's one step ahead, I'm happy for you, pal!
I'm currently waiting for my turn, now you know why I always want the time to fly faster. I'm sick of being like this, how my first year of highschool sucks. I'm surrounded by stupid-dumb-silly-brainless-idiotic ignorants, or the abusive word - morons. "Like, we are not meant to be together, so f*ck off!"
Not to be arrogant, but this is what I see - morons everywhere. I don't say that I'm the smartest person in the Earth, but hey, why are you being so shameless? *okay, I don't know what I'm saying about.*

November wishes:
- Time flies faster
- Better English accent

Am working hard to reach my dream.~
Morons just don't know how precious every second is.
Seeya Soon Guys!

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