Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Like WOW

Hey Guys!
Life has been so good these past few days, like wow. I've accomplished many things this week. Like, being on the rank 75 on a broad competition, and what I've just achieved - scored 91 on an English Tuition placement test. Well, I'm planning to prepare myself for IELTS, so I decided to take an English tuition in a famous tuition centre here in my city. The result was, quite unexpected. My mom said that "I'm quite doubtful that you can answer 81 questions out of 108!" she underestimated me -_-. Well, since the passing score to take IELTS preparation course is 81, my mom thought I couldn't make it. But see? I scored 91!
 Photo was taken last Sunday
Anyway, 4 days holiday starts tomorrow, and I'm pretty excited...
Idk guys, people suck.
Seeya Soon Guys!
Buenas Noches ♡

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