Sunday, May 22, 2016

First Week

Hey guys!

First week of college went alright, except we already have our first assignment. It will get even more hectic each week. Hope I'm coping well this time. LOL.

Chilling at library because no-class.

So far classmates have been so good and supportive, and so do them churchmates. 

P.S: I'm currently losing my blue T-Shirt from Japan I wore in the picture above. Let's hope it's going to be returned because I love that shirt so much, I wear it very carefully! :(

See you again,

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Hello Again

Hey Guys!

I decided to give the blog a new look!
What do you think?

I have recently moved to Kuala Lumpur to continue my studies.
There are dozens of backstories of why I'm finally moving out of my former university  the so-called famous and favourite university in town  the University of North Sumatra. I was taking chemical engineering degree (expected to attain a degree within 5 years (of immense struggle)), but apparently things didn't work out at all; because, REASONS. If I were going to pour it all out, I might as well get sued. LOL.

fits the saying:
"You never know if you don't try."

I have been in Kuala Lumpur for nine days, where I had to fill my days with nothing else but cleaning my room, organising things, and what not. College starts tomorrow and I wouldn't say I'm excited for it, lol. I'm taking a 180° subject from what I used to have - multimedia design. Maybe my head wasn't awake enough when I decided to take the course, because I am the most not-artsy person you'll ever know, I even failed in art classes at school, because my projects were worse than ugly (that I decided to not do many of them). Just wondering how I would survive in this field. LOL. Have to suck it up in any ways.

I haven't taken 'good' pictures here in KL, because, not yet. Just wait, ha?
here are some pictures, not exactly good looking, but, ha?
The weather in KL has been crazy. It's usually super shiny at noon and then rattling thunderstorms in the evening. Why so moody, weather?

A picture I took during today's lunch. We had good day, people.
previous meals:

Also, on the last night before I flew to Malaysia, we had good dinner with good buddies, they are irreplaceable. Much love and thanks to them for the unconditional support and prayers! <3

All in all, I decided to continue blogging so that I can maintain (and improve) my English. It's getting messy already, duh! Will see you again!