Friday, January 25, 2013

On The Edge

Hey Guys!
Seems like it's been an eternity since my last post! Aaand, I'm finally back. The thing is, I've been ultra-busy these weeks. The amount of homework increases. Screw it. My new English tuition doesn't seem good, I get bored almost at all times. The worst thing is, I still have to take a damn cold shower after getting home, and it's like 9+ p.m. already.

Currently I'm on a couple days of holiday, so I decided to take my camera and have a shoot of stuffs. One of them is my DIY lip balm. Lol, this lip balm is like my first successful DIY stuff. I don't really like the final colour actually, but, uhm, it wasn't me who bought the colouring materials, but I guess it's still fine.
This one's by tilt-shift / freelensing
I also used some photography tricks I learned on YouTube, and the results are not very bad. I'm kinda satisfied.

And for you to know, I've bought my very first albums! Bruno Mars' "Do Wops and Hooligans" and "Unorthodox Jukebox". I've actually had them months ago, but I had no time posting them. Even until now, I haven't got any time to listen to them.
Mom bought macarons last week, and I've just finished them. They actually taste like heaven. Must have another ones! 
The beginning of 2013 hasn't show any good signs yet. Even the starting weeks are already torturous! Luckily holiday's coming weeks ahead!
Accepting the fact that tons of homework are piling up, is probably the worst thing ever. At the moment, I'm on my laziest state. YOLO, people! Chill.
My dad took my report this afternoon, my grades fluctuated badly. Ew.
Must. Get. Better. This. Semester.

Aand, I'm sure you know about the recent trend all over the social medias. It's Giovanna Plowman, who I guess is seeking for attention by sucking her own used bloody tampon. Who the hell in this world would do that?! I almost puked while watching the video. Moreover, I lost my whole appetite that I only ate tiny bit of lunch. 
Soooo, it's been a long post!
Seeya Soon Guys!

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