Friday, March 15, 2013

Stuck in Dilemmas

Hey Guys!
It's been an eternity!
Well, life is so much worse now, the more I think of it, the more I get sick of it. I'm currently stuck with  a zillion of dilemmas. Yes, they're much like a 'Yes or No' question, but it is not as easy as answering a test. So, these dilemmas basically seem to affect my future life. I really have no idea how to make a decision, because I am somewhat a wishy washy kind of person. I'd never felt something like this earlier. Realising that I get older day by day might be the major reason.

I've been thinking about my college recently, well, I know it's still a bit too early to think of it. I decided what I wanted to be just sometime not-so-long-ago. But now my mind's messed up. I'm doubting my own abilities. Everything just doesn't seem right.

I'm currently thinking of quitting everything, but that's rather impossible, because I am sure that I will regret it later. Well, how I wish to break free, getting out from realities. Life would be much better if you can switch from being 'visible' to 'invisible'.
They're from last two weeks' Open House. The performances were good, I did well!
Life was so much better.
Seeya Soon Guys!


  1. Ok, now I feel like you are me in the parallel universe... I feel exact the same way, I'm in the same age and last time I had this "omg I have to plan all my life, collagecollagecollage, how much money I'm going to need in collage, where I'll live? is this school really a good choice? Maybe I should change my mind..." and "are my friends really my friends? I just want to be by myself"

    So don't feel alone in this ;) And I really understand the desire of quitting everything, so all I can say is that you can't do this and just go through it :)

    God, I really hope I don't sound like some kind of freak. Hope I don't.

    Love, B

    1. I don't know why I wrote the sentence about hoping twice, sorry XD

    2. Wow, I'm kinda surprised that I'm not the only one who feels like this. Well, I think there are still a lot of teenagers like us feel the same way too. But anyways, I hope our problems cease soon. We're really similar. haha! XD

      Thanks for your kindness! You're a good person, well, mind following each other? XP


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    1. Oh God, what makes you adore me? CX
      Thanks anyway <3