Sunday, October 27, 2013

Woo Boo!

Hey Guys!
Did a Halloween performance. It was no good at all, yeah we did start practicing on the last minute, but it's worth it. I was contented as ever. We failed to win the performance but so what? This is Thriller night!

Halloween is coming very soon in like 5 days? ough. Did DIY masks for the band (if you can see them in the photos). Masquerade masks are awesome! I melted right after I finished those cute spooky masks. I spent like 5 hours doing 5 masks, it's all about the designs, you know? But I'm glad they're worth it, at least they did their job well.
I think I'm missing this year's Halloween post, but yeap, let's see!
mood: content - as ever.
Seeya Soon Guys!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Eyes Open

Hey Guys!
Feeling like shit right now. I hate haunting thoughts - a lot. Ugh I wish everything's still gonna be okay.
Did an opening performance for this year's English Week. It wasn't good. 
Have a great day, people!
Seeya Soon Guys!

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Wake Me Up

Hey Guys!
Had so much fun and love that night. The night was irreplaceable. Even though we were lack of something even better - the beer. I don't exactly remember when I first started it, I think it's last year. I really didn't want to end that night, I wanted it to last for a year, if possible. There are some nights you'd never want to end! The grin that night, still lasts till now. :D

It's October already, and I'm getting busier, CAs, programmes, and shits. My stress level is high now, so expect me not to post a lot these months.
Missing you a lot.
Seeya Soon Guys!