Sunday, October 27, 2013

Woo Boo!

Hey Guys!
Did a Halloween performance. It was no good at all, yeah we did start practicing on the last minute, but it's worth it. I was contented as ever. We failed to win the performance but so what? This is Thriller night!

Halloween is coming very soon in like 5 days? ough. Did DIY masks for the band (if you can see them in the photos). Masquerade masks are awesome! I melted right after I finished those cute spooky masks. I spent like 5 hours doing 5 masks, it's all about the designs, you know? But I'm glad they're worth it, at least they did their job well.
I think I'm missing this year's Halloween post, but yeap, let's see!
mood: content - as ever.
Seeya Soon Guys!

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  1. Everything seems so fun! Ah I hope I could celebrate halloween, it's hard to get the spooky atmosphere here :(