Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pretty Brown Eyes

Hey Guys!
This shoes allegedly has a story. A so-called deep sad story.
Holiday's ending, and as usual, I'm very excited about it. Despite accepting the fact that exams are stepping in really soon, I'm still happy about it. I mean like, yeah, the faster it seems to end the year. I'm so sick of people around.
Rewarding myself for living another day.
Watched The Raven alone a couple nights ago. It was kinda creepy seeing how people were murdered, one had his body sawn in half (that's the most abject and horrendous, the person shouted in fortitude as his blood from his stomach spread all over the table until he died), one had his neck slit, you couldn't imagine how the blood was, it's like a water fountain. I was kinda disappointed that the movie didn't end like I wanted it to be, the man finally died, that's so sad knowing the person who would sacrifice the most (including his life) for the woman HAD to die. I mean like, if I were him, I wouldn't take that huge risk, but well, maybe that's the power of what-they-called 'love'.
Ready for school and shits.
Seeya Soon Guys!

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