Thursday, October 11, 2012

An Eternity

Hey Guys!
The day goes so slow today, is it just me or what?
Anyway, the reason I update this blog is because I have piles of work to search! I need to summarize something for my English Composition homework. Well, I've always loved doing English Composition that I often have the most pages in the class. But not today. The topic is 'The People You Admire', I was like, who do I adore? Bruno Mars? Sara Bareilles? Taylor Swift? Ryan Higa? Dominic Sandoval? Chester See? Kevin Wu? Okay, let's say I'm picking Bruno Mars, but, what should I write? sigh, doesn't it mean that I need to summarize the whole wikipedia page? I'm tired! My friends who are fangirls were really excited as the teacher mentioned the topic. Yes, I'm sure they will have much much more pages compared to mine. asdfghjkl. I don't mind tho.
Picked fight with someone. Plus, today is shit day. I'm out now.
Seeya Soon Guys!

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