Saturday, October 06, 2012


Hey Guys!
Remember the 'massive blast' I told you?
My friends and I had an ordinary lunch last week. Well, with some old friends. I had been missing them so much until the day we met, they've changed a lot indeed. The last time I met them, they were more or less as tall as me, but now, they are way taller! Not only old friends, but new friends too, sometimes making new friends is fun. So we were waiting for the food, when all of the sudden ...
Thanks, Evelyn and Callista!
Well, I didn't expect for any surprise, but anyway, I appreciated it, much. After we finished with the lunch thingy, we had the plan to watch a movie, and we had to WALK about 500m to reach the cinema. Well actually, they had a car, since Callista, Evelyn and Jason were joining, I suggested them to go by car, while me and others went by feet. Too bad we were late, the tickets were already sold out. It was a fun trip tho. No regrets! :D
lol I burnt my hand

This one's made by Richard, thanks bud! :D
Thanks, Richard!

Believe it or not, they delivered this cake to my house. 
My first La Maison, aaand my first Rainbow Cake. Thanks guys!
Thanks to Stephanie, Valerie, Jason, Melda, Callista, Evelyn, and Richard!

 Birthday gifts from friends:
Thanks to Stephanie, Valerie, and Stefani!

Thanks Autisers!
And a watch. From Jason. Thanks, Jas! :)

Well, those were massive blast for real. Thanks people, I really love you all! <3
Seeya Soon Guys!

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