Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Prime One School PASD 2012

Hey Guys!
Today is 12th December 2012, 12-12-12. Like, everybody is so excited. Well, except me.
My school's Annual Sports Day went quite well. I was supposed to join the triathlon game, but since I broke my ankle again (for the 7452987457th time), phew, I couldn't do it. I participated in other sports instead, screw it, my team had always got bad lucks. Like the sack race competition, my team had to do it on a super muddy field, while the others had not.Unlike last few years, I made it to the absolute winner. If only the field was dry. Pretty damn annoyed.

Worst, besides my broken ankle, I BURNED my face, like aaaarrgh. Now my face is so red and hot. Damn. Can you imagine? 7.5 hours under the sun without any shade?
an example of picture taken at the wrong time
an example of picture taken at the wrong time number 2
the faces of people watching futsal match
Remember the rumor of doomsday on 12-12-12? Some said that it will be on the 21st. Hey, you guys actually believed that crap? Lol, I used to worry too though, but I came to the point that if ever the world is going to end, then it will, if it's not, then it's good. Die ma die loh, why so scared?

"You don't know what you meant to me, you don't have a clue,
you can't tell by looking at me what I feel for you."

Seeya Soon Guys!
Buenas Noches ♡

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