Sunday, December 23, 2012

I'm A Star Tonight ☆

Hey Guys!
Had a family dinner last night and it exceeded amazing! Firstly my dad reserved tables for us in one restaurant, but when we got there, our seats were already taken. After grouching for quite a while, we decided to go to another restaurant, which was way more luxurious. Stole the "I'M A STAR TONIGHT" stick from someone's sweet 17th party. lol. 
cenil da cenel <3 =))
Never thought I would have this great relationship with my relatives. Am looking forward for another times like this. :)

You people might have holiday abroad, some of my friends are going to USA, Europe, etc. Unlike me, I really enjoy staying home this holiday. My relatives who live in other cities come visiting us here. I feel vastly completed. This is a noteworthy event. Family United *cheers*! :')

Christmas is two days away and New Year is nine. Cannot wait for it. You guys have got something to wish for this Christmas? ;;)

Seeya Soon Guys!

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