Saturday, April 13, 2013

Through My Wall

Hey Guys!
Happy belated April Fool!
Exams are finally over! Can't wait for my final exam. I just can't.
So basically, days go soooooooooo well. Lol I couldn't explain how blithe I've been these recent weeks. I've been feeling really blessed. Apparently, I'm having a week off starting next week. Well, that's nothing to be happy about. I've never liked holiday, unlike everybody else whom is so excited as holidays are approaching, I nagged all day long instead. But somehow I do admit that I need holidays, but they too depend on when they are set.

Highschool is so obnoxious that I want to kick some people's asses? Or maybe, their faces? Naah---

Haven't I tell you that I sprained my right hand? Now it's swollen, ugh. It happened last week, I purposely slid on the floor and accidentally bumped my right palm on it. Lol. YOLO
My scores are not good, competitions either. I'm sick of these shits. Sometimes I wonder how it feels to be a college student, it must be tougher but, I just do.
"You can't see what's behind my wall. Stay back or f*ck off." - Steffie
Something good great is about to show up. Can't wait!
Seeya Soon Guys!

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