Saturday, September 22, 2012

POW Lost Out

Hey Guys!
I'm so happy to tell you that my team lost the election. Well, doesn't mean that I'm grateful of it, somehow I feel disappointed, but not as much as my reliefs. Firstly I wished to be part of a student council, but this ain't the right way. If ever my team won, they would surely take me for granted even more. They might leave things to me, what else? I know each types of personalities they have. Our votes differ from the other team by 8 votes, yes, two of them are mine. They might think that I betrayed my own team, but hey, if they are in my position, wouldn't they do the same?
Moreover, the conflicts I have with a bunch of 'ex-friends' make my days better, I mean like, there are less people to be cared about. I don't actually mind about what they did to me, it's like, "who the f cares? like I'm going to beg you." Besides, aren't boys supposed to solve problems gentlemanly?

Piles of homework, projects, quizzes these weeks. Trying to be tough~

Seeya Soon Guys!

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