Friday, September 14, 2012

Being Oblivious

Hey Guys!
The fact is, I'm really busy this week. Me and my friends were running for this year's Student Council. Well, I guess I'm the only one who put the biggest effort for the campaign, like making the video, designing the logo, and bunch of other things. While others, are being ignorant. Yes, I am still pretty irritated. Of course, it's like 'I don't care whatever you will do as long as we will have the campaign video on the D-day.' People put no effort at all, so that diverted me into thinking of not-putting-any-effort too. I mean like, you can be that ignorant, then why can't I? The video wasted my time a lot, I slept at 2 AM after I finished the video, and the next day, it turned out that it needed to be edited, which made me seeing the screen for some more hours. I was so tired that my dark circles began to show up again, my eyes shrank, got headaches, etc. Somehow I think that it would be better if I didn't join the team in the first place, not because of my laziness, but try to think, if we would win the election and be the Student Council of the year and me, as the secretary, cannot join the competitions the council held, while I am really into joining competitions, wouldn't it be a total disappointment? So, if ever my team won the election, I will probably hand in my resignation letter as soon as possible. Moreover, most people in the team are ignorant, and I ain't tolerate ignorers.

The good thing is that I am extremely happy as I am the one and only student in my level who achieved 30 marks in my writing-an-essay assessment, the full score is of course, 30 marks. I was in rush when I wrote that essay, because I was running out of time. It is still, quite a surprise. I thought that there will be many grammar-errors since I didn't have enough time to recheck them, but when I saw my checked-essay, not even a single letter was corrected. I admire myself for being such a good story-teller. lol

Might do some photo-shoot tomorrow, stay tuned for the result!
And by the way, Melda has posted her outfit posts, go and check:
Some of the photos were taken by me :)

Random shits:

These songs keep playing in my mind:
I am so addicted to Oppa Gangnam Style that every time the song is played, I tend to dance the 'gangnam' style.

pretty screwed.
Seeya Soon Guys!
Buenas Noches ♡


  1. goodluck!
    please, don't resign! you can do it ;)
    people might get disappointed if you did.
    coming to my house this sunday? xD
    contact me by twitter as i'm not using my blackberry often ;D
    goodluck again :)

    1. meh,
      I guess they are 'ignorant' enough to not-getting-disappointed. :)